Quality And Certification

Our Commitment To Quality And Transparency

Supplemented is dedicated to the supply and manufacture of high quality nutritional supplements with full transparency of our product ingredients and suppliers.

Each product contains only premium sourced ingredients, each with a defined biomechanical purpose that's supported by science. 

Our mission is simple - to help people experience the highest level of performance by providing supplement solutions that work.




All ingredients in our formulas are carefully selected solely on the basis of quality and purity. We actively seek out the most bioavailable forms of each ingredient, and avoid the cheap synthetic forms used by the majority of supplement companies.

Manufacturing Control

All Supplemented products are manufactured under the guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.)

We guarantee the purity and potency of our products by testing every batch of raw materials. 

Our Suppliers

At Supplemented we have developed a rigorous self-imposed quality protocol in the industry, going beyond requirements and regulations to assure customers that Supplemented stands behind its products and our commitment to transparency.

Everyone deserves to know exactly what they are putting in their body. We always disclose the exact form of each ingredient and never using proprietary formulas.

We source 100% of our ingredients so we are able to maintain exacting control over our supply chain.

Product Test Certification

Product provenance - The test certificates below are Certificates of Analysis for imported raw materials, active and inactive ingredients.

We maintain control over 100% of our supply chain which means that we have 100% transparency of our ingredients that are used by our manufacturing partners. Our ingredients are grown with integrity and consistently processed for maximum potency and bioavailability.

Products are manufactured in the UK under licence by GMP approved manufacturing partners.

Acai Berry

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Alpha Lipoic Acid


Beta Alanine

Bilberry Extract


Ceylon Cinnamon

Cod Liver Oil

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Cranberry Extract

D-Aspartic Acid


Evening Primrose Oil

Folic Acid

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM

Green Lipped Mussell

Green Tea Extract

Kelp Extract






Maqui Berry Extract

Omega 33/33

Omega 3 55/25

Omega 369

Pomegranate Extract

Pumpkin Seed Extract

Red Clover Extract

Saw Palmetto

Turmeric Extract

Vitamin C

Vitamin E